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The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelanzy

This is a long series. It is almost a hidiously long series. And yet I find it so brilliant (especially the Corwin Chronicles) that I read it again and again despite the fact that it is heavier than the dictionary.

"I trusted him like a brother, which is to say, not at all."

The Forest Kingdom (series)

Blue Moon Rising Hawk and Fischer Beyond the Blue Moon by Simon R. Green

The stuff of legends.

Rupert didn't especially want to be a prince. And he certainly never asked to be the second son of a royal line that really didn't need a spare. After all, a kingdom suffering from financial setbacks couldn't afford to have factions fighting over who was more worthy to rule as the next king. So Rupert was sent out to slay a dragon and prove himself - a quest straight out of legends. But he also discovered the kind of things legends didn't tell, as well as the usual demons, goblins, the Night Witch - even the terrors hidden in the Darkwood. Rupert found his dragon and a princess to rescue, too. But the dragon turned out to be a better friend than anyone back at the castle. And with the Darkwood suddenly spreading its evil...with the blue moon rising and the Wild Magic along with it, Rupert was going to need all the friends he could get...

The Forever King The Broken Sword The Third Magic

Don't read this if you're too hardcore about Arthurian legand. I'm looking at you, Al.

In a darkened house not far from the place where Camelot may once have stood, a madman schemes.

Once the cup that men call the Holy Grail was his. Soon it will be his again. The Grail’s protectors are few and weak: an alcohol-soaked ex-FBI agent; a courtly old gentleman who once, long ago, held awesome power; and a ten year old boy.

Arthur Blessing is no ordinary boy. The Grail is his by chance, this time, but the power to keep it-is his by right.

Now he must stay alive long enough to use that power.

Arthur needs a defender, a man of great strength, skill, purity, and faith. Fate has given him Hal Woczniak, a broken-down drifter plagued by nightmare memories of a dead child. When Hal quit the FBI, he practically quit the human race as well.

Now, at the darkest time in his life, he is offered the chance to redeem himself.

One he failed to save a child. Once he failed to save a world.

He will not fail again.


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