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Reading over these Japaense conversations make me sleepy. I think it's because I have read them before... and I just don't want to read them again. But I'm all the way through chapter four, so I guess I can finish out the last three. Then I want to review the reading sections, even though I know it's only the Aural final exam tomorrow. Then I have to do a little more kanji study and finish that stupid assignment from last week, though I wouldn't have been able to get it done Thursday night (no matter how much I'm wishing I'd turned it in on Friday.... T_T). On the upside I had a pretty fun weekend. Full of tons and tons of sleeeeeeep. Which was... well a new thing as sleep or good, restful sleep has been definately lacking of late. Even if I'm still a little sleepy now, I do feel like I can go ahead and get through the rest of the week. Okay, let's make a list, shall we?

[X] Japanese Assignment
[X] Japanese Kanji Quiz 7
[X] Japanese Aural Final Exam
[ ] PACI 290 Seminar Reading
[X] Japanese Guest Lecture... prepare questions
[ ] Have finished Shanghai Express
[X] Japanese Chapter Quiz (last one, w00t!)
[X] Japanese 324 B Final Examination
[ ] PACI 290 Seminar Response
[ ] Japanses Kanji Quiz 8 (last one, w00t!)
[ ] PACI 290 Term Paper due

The only reason that the Paci term paper is on this list is because it was originally due on Friday, but I got an extension because, hello, no way that I'm going to be able to finish a half way decent paper by this point. On the upside, I do have a topic that I had approved by Lansdowne... Now I just have to make a meeting with Dwyane to see exactly what the man wants for the paper...

Oh sleep. How I already miss you.


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