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and other sentences from the 8th grade worksheets.

Mike loves putting many eggs into my pocket.

I love vodka. Or milk.

Putting on own head a hamburgar is popular in America.

Godzilla finished doing his homework.

I finished making world.

I like watching Godzilla in zoo.

Breath is very fun.
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So. After Monday's cancellation of classes and Tuesday's cancellation of classes by Mrs. M----- I was looking at a 7 class week. However. Tuesday Mr. Y------- asked me to run through an extra class with the student teacher Miss H. My pleasure. Then today I get out of my second period and go walk around the school bothering kids during the break because I don't have class again until fifth and sixth periods. Get back to the teacher's room just after the bell rings to find Mr. Y------- asking if I'm ready. Ready? Why no, good sir, I am not. Because here on my nifty little schedule I am not scheduled for class with you. What's that you say? Class with Miss H? Well if you just give me a second to get my ass in gear I'll meet you upstairs with the same awesome activity we ran through on Tuesday.

And then I epic flailed as I got ready copying stuff and finding my police reports (the activity is WHO STOLE KITTY-CHAN'S RIBBON?!) and making it upstairs only five minutes after the bell rang.

So when I came back down I looked at his schedule, looked at mine and noticed that there's an extra couple classes in tomorrow too. Which I'm happy to do. So I wrote them down on my schedule, picked up another class of his, wrote that down and then went over to Ms. M----- and told her that this was the new schedule for today and tomorrow. She was like ...didyourownschedulewhat? but doesn't seem to really care. So... I think I'm just going to continue to check the schedule she gives me with the other teachers; adding and subtracting classes as they see fit. Works well for me.
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Immigration's Officer (IO)
Tourist (T)

IO: Please show me your passmport.
T: you are.
IO: ...What is the purpose of your visit?
T: To study...
IO: ...Are you spy?!!
T: Oh. No, No, No!!! I'm a Japan president!
IO: Oh...! I'm so sorry.

I admit it. I lol'd.


IO: Please show me your passport.
T: Oh. I forgot.
IO: Really?
T: No. That's a joke.
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Me:  The hint is:  (This thing) can be found in the sky.  When there are many of them, you can’t see the sun.  

 *pause to allow for writing answer and betting of fake money*

Okay, who’s got the answer?


Kid-whose-name-I-don’t-know: *confidently* Helicopters.




KWNIDK: ...*ASTONISHED* You mean it’s WRONG?


Me:  Please.  Tell me the last time you saw so many helicopters in the sky that you couldn’t see the sun.


KWNIDK:...oh.  UFOs?  

My JTE and I laughed ourselves stupider.  

Then they got so into the second activity we did that they only half got out of their seats for the end of class greeting.  When my JTE and I left the classroom they were still working on the activity as if the last class of the day had not just let out Mybe they really did see UFOs and have been replaced by pod people


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