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and other sentences from the 8th grade worksheets.

Mike loves putting many eggs into my pocket.

I love vodka. Or milk.

Putting on own head a hamburgar is popular in America.

Godzilla finished doing his homework.

I finished making world.

I like watching Godzilla in zoo.

Breath is very fun.
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I have a weasel in my ceiling.

Or a family of them. We do not have a mouse or rat problem, oh no, that would be far too simple.

We have weasels.
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Immigration's Officer (IO)
Tourist (T)

IO: Please show me your passmport.
T: you are.
IO: ...What is the purpose of your visit?
T: To study...
IO: ...Are you spy?!!
T: Oh. No, No, No!!! I'm a Japan president!
IO: Oh...! I'm so sorry.

I admit it. I lol'd.


IO: Please show me your passport.
T: Oh. I forgot.
IO: Really?
T: No. That's a joke.

Y Halo Thr

Mar. 17th, 2009 11:41 pm
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Good lord it was 20 degrees today. 20 degrees. I can't tell you how happy it made me. People have been telling me for the last two weeks that spring was here but I tell you I saw no sign of it until today. And it was glorious. Tomorrow promises to be a fantastic day as well, woot!

Went back to the dr today. He did not do more than a general probe. No fiber-optics. Sprayed number and painkillers up my nose again, though, so that he could stick something way up there (I don't know quite what it was). Didn't really realize you COULD feel up your nostrils until I couldn't feel mine. Bizarre feeling, lemme tell you that.

Had a very productive evening with only semi-productive results. I:

-watched the new ep of How I Met Your Mother
-watched the new ep of The Mentalist
-watched the first two eps of Castle (Nathan Fillion, YAY!)
-cleaned out my fridge
-did the dishes that were in the sik
-made (and ate) dinner
-wrote two letters
-put away clean laundry
-organized storage unit (pitiful as it is)
-changed the vacuum bag in me vacuum (which, before I moved in, had not been changed in two years. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!)
-ate cookies
-updated LJ

Next up: Shower and then, thank god, bed.

Tomorrow is Takigi Kindergarten's Graduation Ceremony. Why do I have to go? Because my super says so. :(


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