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...apparently LJ has been hanging on to that happy birthday message for the last 7 days, Bri. So... happy belated LJ wishings.

In other news I got nothing i was supposed to get done done today in lieu of coming home and taking a nap. It was delicious and not nearly long enough. Now I shower.
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You're old!


Nov. 26th, 2009 02:40 pm
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For those of you all living in Japan...

To avoid the ready made meals and conbini runs... Post some recipes, guys. Or take the ones I've got up so far... I've mostly been focusing lately on things I could make that tasted like home (Chicken Parm, Chowder etc) but are in they don't run up the budget with a trip to the international store and are make-able without the oven.


Nov. 8th, 2009 02:10 pm
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For anyone who watches Castle?!  It is a meh show in my opinion but amuses me greatly.  BUT.  Nathan Fillion.  Who in the last episode just dressed up as "a space cowboy".  HE IS BEING CAPTAIN TIGHTPANTS!!!!!!!! 

*hardcore love*  I seriously squeed.  Out loud. 



Castle: Just trying on my costume.  I'm a space cowboy. 
His daughter: A) there are no cows in space.  B) didn't you wear that like five years ago?  Get over it. 
Castle:  *defensive* So?  I -like- it. 


My favorite episode ever.  He went out to a crime scene IN HIS COSTUME.  Where there is a corpse who has been staked. 

Castle:  Woah.  Looks like Buffy has come to the Big Apple.  

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 Thanks for the input, guys. 

My itouch will be here sometime next week... with "I could read inside a dog with this!" etched on the back. 


Oct. 22nd, 2009 07:56 am
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The general consensus seems to be for me to give in and get (i)touch(ed).  

Now comes the hard part.


I really can’t name it until I have the thing in my hands.  But the naming may effect what I have etched on the back.  So.  What do you think I should inscribe on the back?


Alyssa and I have already discarded lyrics from “Music is my hot hot”.  I am vaguely tempted to put “I could read inside a dog with this!”  Points to those who get the reference...


So yes.  Help!

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Am out of town and away from the computer until Monday morning.

Heading to see family. Message my cell if you need me.
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So I’ve been keeping track of the books I’ve read since January in a word document. Started doing it last year and found it fun enough to start a new one for 2009. Lately, here are some of the books I’ve really read (and enjoyed).

1. Bel Canto by Ann Patchett )

Jen gave me this while I was home this summer. It is a fantastic book: beautifully written and just beyond anything I could have imagined. For the first time in years I slowed down and read the book slow enough that it could have been considered savoring; the language and storyline were so beautiful and enticing that I can’t recommend it enough. The bonds and relationships (romantic or otherwise) are formed irregardless of the fact that most of the characters cannot speak the same language, share no history, and have nothing in common but that they were in the same house for a birthday party.

2. Real World by Natsuo Kirino )

I haven’t read a lot of Japanese literature since graduation. Had too much of it in University and needed a break. But this novel—and the one I read before it Grotesque reminded me exactly why I love Japanese Lit so much. The issues of isolation and alienation that permeate every relationship somehow only seem more clear to me now that I’ve had the chance to live and work in Japan. Not to mention intertwining stories and an excellent plot with an amazing ending.

Which brings me to:

3. Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino )

Beautiful. Disturbing. The fact that it is written from Yuriko’s sister’s point of view—an unreliable narrator if I’ve ever read one—manages to add a depth to the story that defies the crime novel format and moves it into a commentary on human nature and the lengths that people go for the illusion of control.

4. Frostbitten by Kelly Armstrong

The newest book in the Woman of the Otherworld series. In my rather humble opinion it was the best since Bitten. The progress and intricacies of Clay and Elena’s relationship, as well as the formation of the pack that was largely destroyed during the first book, as well as the background line of Jeremy, Jamie, and the twins, was just a fantastic read. Two thumbs up for sure.

I’m also in the middle of reading Choke. It’s my bedside book and I am enjoying it thoroughly.
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To Whom It May Concern:

I don't smell.

That is all.


Sep. 30th, 2009 01:29 pm
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Sent to me by a friend... if anyone knows where it's from so I can give credit, let me know:

"You don't want to get involved with me," Nightcuddles warned, his
nostrils flaring with glittering contempt. "I'm.... different."

"You're a vampire pony?" Casey asked.

"I'm dangerous," Nightcuddles continued, his mane glittering in the sun.

"You're a vampire pony?" Casey asked.

Nightcuddles looked to the sky and thought thoughtfully. "People who
love me... things happen to them. Horrible things. Sometimes bitey
things." He looked to the ground. "Really bitey things."

"You're a vampire pony?" Casey asked.

Nightcuddles looked deeply into Casey's eyes. "I'm a vampire pony," he whinnied.

Casey stumbled back in shock. "What? That's insanity! Glittery insanity!"
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Why hell yes. One of our teams for sports day have chosen to do their dance to 20th Century Boy by T. Rex.

Heh. So, so amused.

EDIT: We now also have Thriller and Locamotion. Who chose these?! It's 10 kinds of awesome.
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This morning I left my apartment eight minutes before morning bell was set to ring. I made it to school in a record breaking 11 minutes--just barely missing the morning meeting. I was okay with that. Sat down, set to work.

Walked into my first class of the day (second period) and noticed that not only was it like walking into some sort of medical horror film (27 students in masks staring at me with blank eyes) but that there were, yes, nine students missing. Class 1-1, ladies and gents, has had an outbreak.

Throughout the day students began dropping like flies. At last count there are 29 students that either called in sick this morning or have been sent home because of H1N1. Class 1-1, after much debate, was shut down. I'm not quite sure when the students will be allowed back in school; if they're making them wait the required 5 days or just 3 since they're not infected. It also does not bode well that Sports Day is this Friday since a couple of teams are going to be missing a bunch of kids.

*crosses fingers* Here's hoping I stay healthy...
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A year ago today (June 19th) I moved from Victoria.


In happier news... the week of August 17th, bitches. Clear your schedule or get out of town because Ash'll be back for 5 days of terror.
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So. After Monday's cancellation of classes and Tuesday's cancellation of classes by Mrs. M----- I was looking at a 7 class week. However. Tuesday Mr. Y------- asked me to run through an extra class with the student teacher Miss H. My pleasure. Then today I get out of my second period and go walk around the school bothering kids during the break because I don't have class again until fifth and sixth periods. Get back to the teacher's room just after the bell rings to find Mr. Y------- asking if I'm ready. Ready? Why no, good sir, I am not. Because here on my nifty little schedule I am not scheduled for class with you. What's that you say? Class with Miss H? Well if you just give me a second to get my ass in gear I'll meet you upstairs with the same awesome activity we ran through on Tuesday.

And then I epic flailed as I got ready copying stuff and finding my police reports (the activity is WHO STOLE KITTY-CHAN'S RIBBON?!) and making it upstairs only five minutes after the bell rang.

So when I came back down I looked at his schedule, looked at mine and noticed that there's an extra couple classes in tomorrow too. Which I'm happy to do. So I wrote them down on my schedule, picked up another class of his, wrote that down and then went over to Ms. M----- and told her that this was the new schedule for today and tomorrow. She was like ...didyourownschedulewhat? but doesn't seem to really care. So... I think I'm just going to continue to check the schedule she gives me with the other teachers; adding and subtracting classes as they see fit. Works well for me.
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Immigration's Officer (IO)
Tourist (T)

IO: Please show me your passmport.
T: you are.
IO: ...What is the purpose of your visit?
T: To study...
IO: ...Are you spy?!!
T: Oh. No, No, No!!! I'm a Japan president!
IO: Oh...! I'm so sorry.

I admit it. I lol'd.


IO: Please show me your passport.
T: Oh. I forgot.
IO: Really?
T: No. That's a joke.
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Does anyone know where I can watch RENT online? The only place I can find it is in shitty quality Tudou or Youku and those won't play in Japan... and I can't find it via Vuse for download :(
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So I'm not responsible if there are mistakes.

After a rainy, chilly weekend spent largely indoors, I woke to a beautifully clear blue sky and the promise of heat. About ten minutes from the school I ran into Joe (another AET) as he was at O---- Elementary so we got to walk together and have a pretty decent conversation. I'm not used to comprehensive English conversation before work so it was a nice surprise. Got to work. Was busy all through first period (free) and then set about my five classes for the day. After school some of the first years asked me to come to tennis club so i rolled up my work pants and set about amusing them with my severe lack of tennis skills. I was pretty good at throwing a ball for their hitting practice though--chalk that up to my years in softball (however long ago they were).

It was nice to be out in the sun and active. Left before club actually finished and started the ride home at around five. On the way I got stopped by some of the Elementary kids (who even remembered my name) who were, I kid you not, walking their rabbit. It was cute and fluffy. Then I notice that one of them also has a hamster in it's pocket. Super cute. Stopped to pet both of them and then continued on my way home. I put in a load of laundry when I got here and am having a nice conversation with my Dad who's in Italy for the show and therefore in a more accessible time zone.

Have plans for a popcorn dinner and a nice evening in... maybe finish a book. Today life is good.
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Hello, everyone.
I'm S---- K-----.
I'm thirteen years old.

This is my pencil case.
My brother gave it to me last year.
It's white.
And it's small.
I like it very much.
It was my birthday present.

I always bring it for school.
He bought it in my favorite shop.
But I don't like him.
That all.
Thank you.


Hello, everyone.
My name is N--- K-----.
I'm thirteen years old.

This is my clarinet.
It name is Noa.
It's made in Paris.
My father gave it for me.
It's black and silver.
What do you like?
I like this clarinet very much!
I blow it every day.
And I'll always keep it.


Apr. 20th, 2009 07:48 pm
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Tonight I made low-fat chili corn crab cakes.

They are so deliciously full of win. When I come visit remind me to make them. They are the most yummy thing I've made in ages.
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I am so no longer amused by that cat.
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